ABQ BioPark Says Goodbye to Fireball

The ocelot was the oldest in human care when she passed away.

Jan. 13, 2020 -  The ABQ BioPark is sad to announce the passing of Fireball the ocelot. Veterinary staff made the decision Sunday to humanely euthanize Fireball due to age-related health problems.

Fireball celebrated her 27th birthday in 2019, making her the oldest ocelot in human care, a testament to the love and attention she was given by her dedicated keepers. Ocelots generally live 10-13 years in the wild and up to 20 in human care.

She was known as a spirited and beloved member of the ABQ BioPark family and she will be sorely missed by her caretakers. Listen to Fireball’s caretaker Valarie Chavez talk about Fireball and how staff worked hard to make her golden years as comfortable as possible in this special video that was shot for Fireball’s birthday in August: