ABQ BioPark Aquarium Plans for Reopening

Visitors can return to the ABQ BioPark Aquarium after more than a year of closure.

May 3, 2021 - After being closed since March 2020, the ABQ BioPark Aquarium will reopen, welcoming back New Mexico BioPark Society members starting Wednesday, May 5, and the general public starting Wednesday, May 12.

"We expect Aquarium tickets to be in very high demand," said Allyson Zahm, guest experience manager. "Visitors are encouraged to book their tickets online in advance as soon as possible, as they will be going fast!"
Guests can see all of their favorite animals like sharks, sea turtles, rays and jellies. This also will be the public's first opportunity to view Dixon, a male river otter who arrived at the Aquarium shortly before the closure.
The Aquarium is making way for some exciting changes, including a new coral tank, so the BioPark is asking visitors to "excuse our dust." As a COVID safety precaution, touch pools and other interactive experiences will not be offered at this time.
Guests can purchase an Aquarium/Botanic Garden ticket or a Botanic Garden-only ticket. Splitting up ticket options helps ensure that all guests can enjoy the exhibits they come to see even with a reduced indoor capacity at the Aquarium. Tickets must be purchased online in advance at HoldMyTicket.
Guests who purchase an Aquarium/Botanic Garden ticket must enter the Aquarium during their timed-ticket window, but may also visit the Botanic Garden after their Aquarium experience.
The Aquarium will utilize the same proven COVID-precautionary practices that have been in place at the ABQ BioPark Zoo and Botanic Garden since their reopening last year, including multi-layer face coverings for all guests and timed ticketing entry windows. In addition, the Aquarium will utilize one-way paths to help guests remain socially distanced.
The Shark Reef Café is open for indoor dining and provides a stunning view of the main Aquarium tank.
All ABQ BioPark facilities are currently open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on Wednesdays through Sundays but will operate daily starting on Monday, May 31.
The ABQ BioPark is continuing to make COVID-safe practices a priority: 
  • All guests are required to wear multi-layer face coverings unless eating or drinking. We do not accept medical exemptions.
  • Guests can expect wait times for entry into indoor exhibits like the Aquarium, the BUGarium at the Botanic Garden, and the Penguin Chill and reptile buildings at the Zoo.
  • Daily public feedings, touchpool interactions and shows that draw crowds to one area are temporarily canceled. 
  • Limited tickets for each facility will be available and guests must reserve their tickets online in advance. 
  • Interactive "touch" exhibits at otters and penguins will not be offered at this time.  
  • Visitors have a 30-minute window to arrive to their scheduled visit but may stay as long as they would like. Timed ticketing allows for proper social distancing. 
  • Select one-way paths will be utilized as needed at the Botanic Garden, Zoo and Aquarium