Meet the ABQ BioPark Chimps

Alf the chimpAlf: While Alf wants to reap all the benefits of being the alpha male, he's a little lackluster about dealing with problems and issues that arise within the group. But it doesn't take much observation to notice how much he cares, especially about Elaine and his sons Dezi and Rio.

Elaine 2015Elaine: The mother of twins, Rio and Dezi. She is also the mother of daughters Leia and Kianga. She has a penchant for calming Thunder down when he gets in one of his moods.


Kianga, female BioPark chimp, 2015Kianga: Kianga, Elaine’s daughter, is the princess of the group. She is a bit spoiled and milked the “baby” game for a long time. Kianga had to grow up when her younger brothers Rio and Dezi were born, and now she is part of their protection crew.


Dezi walking, 2015Dezi: He’s the reactionary one of Elaine’s twins—he’s all emotions. While he seems outgoing, he is the first to get scared in a situation.



Rio, baby chimp, 2015Rio: Dezi’s brother Rio seems shy and reserved, and spent a lot of time on his mom’s lap as a baby. He’s an observer and almost never gets scared.


Thunder, male BioPark chimp, 2015Thunder: Thunder was born during a lightning storm. He likes to pick on Elaine, but she’s having nothing to do with it. He is the twin brother of Rainy, and backs her up in any conflicts. 


Leia: The birth of the twins Rio and Dezi helped Leia come into her own as an adult member of the family. Alongside her mother Elaine, she carries and helps with the twins’ immediate needs.

Rainy the female chimp, 2015Rainy: Thunder's twin sister is extremely smart and observant, which helps her fit in and deal with many of the social aspects that arise in the group. She's been known to cause a little drama now and then because she knows her twin brother Thunder will back her up. But it's a healthy dynamic because a big part of chimp life is dealing with social issues and drama.

Babette: Babette is probably the lowest ranking member in the hierarchy, but she's a master at her role. She knows when to participate and when to stay clear. She's crazy about the Dezi and Rio—Elaine lets Babette take care of the twins often, which gives her an immense amount of pride.