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World Migratory Bird Day

Celebrate the winged masters of long-distance travels.


May 11, 2024
10:00 AM - 02:00 PM


Botanic Garden
2601 Central NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104


World Migratory Bird Day celebrates birds around the world and reminds us that since they call many locations and countries home, nations must work together to protect migratory birds.

This year's theme is Protect Insects, Protect Birds. Migration is a complex behavior that serves various ecological, evolutionary, and survival purposes. Yet, the very phenomenon of bird migration is under threat, particularly due to declining insect populations, upon which many migratory birds rely for sustenance. Insects provide essential energy for migratory birds, offering a rich source of nutrients critical for their survival. They rely on insects for energy during migration and other stages of their life cycles, especially when feeding their offspring. However, the massive decline in insect populations in many parts of the world is having serious implications for migratory birds. This year's World Migratory Bird Day will therefore shine a spotlight on the interdependence between insects and birds, urging action to protect insects as a means to safeguard avian populations.

Of the featured migratory bird species, we have several at the Botanic Garden: black-crowned night heron, Wilson's warbler, red-winged blackbird, western tanager and more. 

At this event you can also learn about native gardening to attract birds from Albuquerque Master Gardeners, Native Plant Society of New Mexico and Albuquerque Bonsai Club. 


Included with admission.
World Migratory Bird Day

2024 World Migratory Bird Day poster


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