Picture This! Podcast

Take a deep dive into the stories behind some of our most enigmatic images in the photo archives collection. Digital Archivist Jill Hartke narrates.
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FEATURED: Ep20 Mrs. Albright's Art Parlor


Picture This Ep1
Van Tassel Balloon Launch

Go on a balloon ride with saloon-keeper Park Van Tassel as we look at the photograph of his historic launch from what was then downtown Albuquerque—way back in 1882.

Picture This Ep2
Dawson, New Mexico

Dig into New Mexico mining history. Dawson, New Mexico, located southwest of Raton in Colfax County, was a vibrant mining town in the early 1900s. Immigrant miners flocked to the area. 

Picture This Ep3
Lovelace Astronaut Program

Look at Albuquerque’s place in the history of spaceflight and what it took to become one of the first NASA astronauts. In the Photo Archives of the Albuquerque Museum is a photograph showing two candidates for NASA’s Mercury Program wearing space suits and standing outside of a room at Lovelace Clinic.

Picture This Ep4
Itinerant Photographer

Look at the world of an itinerant photographer during the American Depression of the early 1930s.

Picture This Ep5 
King Albert I Visits Isleta

Travel with the King of Belgium as he visits the Pueblo of Isleta on his first tour of North America in 1919. In the Photo Archives of the Albuquerque Museum is a photograph of King Albert I of Belgium wearing a military uniform and standing with a group of people near the St. Augustine Mission Church at the Pueblo of Isleta.

Picture This Ep6
Streetcars and Motorettes

Hop on board an electric streetcar and take a ride to learn about one of Albuquerque’s early transportation systems! In the photo archives of the Albuquerque Museum is a photograph of a female streetcar driver, known as a “motorette”, standing in front of her streetcar.

Picture This Ep7 
Let the Sunshine In

A street photography project commissioned by the Albuquerque Museum in 1969 to document the city during a time of great change. In the Albuquerque Museum are thousands of 35mm color slides marked with the name “McDonald” and dated 1969 and 1970.

Picture This Ep8
Albuquerque Dukes

Go out to the ballgame with the Albuquerque Dukes minor league baseball team! In the photo archives of the Albuquerque Museum are photographs of the Albuquerque Dukes from the 1940s and 1950s. They were the longest running professional franchise in Albuquerque and had some big names associated with them throughout the years.

Picture This Ep9 
New Mexicans in WWI

The New Mexico National Guard has existed in one form or another since the 1500s. In the photo archives of the Albuquerque Museum is a photograph of the enlistment ceremony of men into the New Mexico National Guard in 1917.

Picture This Ep10
Castle Huning

Look at the history behind a landmark of the early days of Albuquerque and the man who built it. In the photo archives of the Albuquerque Museum is a photograph of a sprawling mansion with members of the household standing around the property.

Picture This Ep11 
Alabama Milner

Peer into the life and work of one of Albuquerque's most successful photographers.

Picture This Ep12
B.B. King in Placitas

Hop on a bus and re-visit a little-known concert that brought together the gospel of Flower Power and a master of the Blues for a one-time-only concert in the hills of Placitas, New Mexico.

Picture This Ep13 
Harvey Girls

Grab a slice of pie and sit back as we serve up the story of the Harvey Girls!

Picture This Ep14
Laundry Strike of 1919

Today we learn about the indomitable women of Albuquerque's laundry industry.

Picture This Ep15
Clyde Tingley

Find out how a farmer's son from Ohio became one of New Mexico's most outspoken and influential politicians.

Picture This Ep16
Carrie Tingley

Explore the life of the other half of the Tingley power couple.

Picture This Ep17
New Mexico State Cookie

Cook up some history as we learn about the New Mexico State Cookie, the bizcochito.

Picture This Ep18
Epidemics and Public Health

Explore the beginnings of the public health sector in New Mexico.

Picture This Ep19
The Henge

Follow along as a local sculptor builds an architectural wonder in Roswell, New Mexico.

Picture This Ep20
Mrs. Albright's Art Parlor

Today we hear the story of "the prominent and lovable" Mrs. Albright and her Art Parlor.

Thank you for joining us for Picture This! from the Albuquerque Museum! Join us next time for the story behind another photograph in the Museum’s collection.