Better Active Today than Radioactive Tommorow

Seven Generations 2020

Unidentified Artist
Better Active Today than Radioactive Tomorrow: Nuclear Alert Conference in New Mexico
lithograph on paper
25 ¼ x 19 in.
Albuquerque Museum, gift of Diane Palley 

Artist activists often use visual language to deliver their message, as seen in this poster advertising a conference on nuclear issues. The specter of nuclear danger casts a shadow over the land in the shape of a radiation warning symbol.

In fact, the Nuclear Alert Conference advertised here took place between two nuclear accidents in 1979: the partial meltdown of a reactor at the Pennsylvania Three Mile Island in March and the Church Rock uranium mill spill in July. The Church Rock spill in western New Mexico contaminated eighty miles of the Puerco River, affecting Navajo County, Arizona, and parts of the Navajo Nation. The spill was the largest of its kind in United States history.