William H. Cobb, Albuquerque Indian School Women's Sewing Class

Seven Generations 2020

William H. Cobb
1860 New York, New York – 1909 Albuquerque, New Mexico
Albuquerque Indian School Women’s Sewing Class
glass plate negative
5 x 7 in.
Albuquerque Museum, museum purchase, Trust and Agency Fund via Edna (Louise) Grindstaff; Dick Ruddy and Amy Larson in memory of Edith Kubie; Gwenn Robinson, M.D.; Carol O’Brien English; and Sondra Eastham; additional funding in memory of Katy Lou McIntosh Ely, Carolyn Leach, Sarah Shortle Blue, Millie Santillanes, Vernon D. Robertson, Sally Stockman, and Jane Williams