From Spain to New Mexico: The Journey to Keep a Secret

Online Second Saturday at Casa San Ysidro


Oct 09, 2021
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM


Casa San Ysidro Online
Corrales, NM 00000


Who are the Crypto-Jews and Conversos? Why are they in New Mexico? This presentation by Norma Libman traces the history of the Jews during Spain’s Inquisition, including how Crypto-Jews kept their secrets in very dangerous times. We will look at the forces that brought them to the New World and, in particular, the American Southwest. Then we will look at contemporary Crypto-Jews and Conversos living in New Mexico. How they live now, why some still keep the secret, and what happens to those who want to return to mainstream Jewish life.

Libman has researched Crypto-Jewish history for more than 25 years and has interviewed more than 50 individuals about their family histories and religious practices. She is an award-winning journalist and educator who has taught at universities and colleges and lectured around the country. Currently she lectures locally at OASIS and OLLI (OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute). This program is cosponsored by the Historical Society of New Mexico.



From Spain to New Mexico: The Journey to Keep a Secret

Award-winning journalist and educator Norma Libman


Aaron Gardner