Between Text, Image, and Cultural Politics: The Many Lives of La Malinche

Albuquerque Museum presents a conversation with Ray Hernández-Durán, Ph.D. and Myrriah Gómez, Ph.D.


Aug 03, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Albuqueque Museum
2000 Mountain Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104


Join University of New Mexico faculty members, Professor Ray Hernández-Durán, Ph.D. and Assistant Professor Myrriah Gómez, Ph.D. for a one-on-one discussion of La Malinche’s presence in text and image. Approaching the historical figure through literary and art historical sources, they will discuss the cultural politics associated with this iconic character, and how her representation, as well as our understanding, has shifted across time and space, including in México and New Mexico.

Ray Hernández-Durán is Professor of Art History where he teaches courses on Spanish Colonial Art, Baroque Art, Arts of Spain, Arts of Nineteenth-Century Mexico, U.S. Latinx Art, and Museum Studies. Myrriah Gómez is an Assistant Professor in the Honors College. Her courses focus primarily on Chicanx Literature and cultural production. This conversation is presented in collaboration with the Latin American and Iberian Institute.


Between Text, Image, and Cultural Politics: The Many Lives of La Malinche

Delilah Montoya, Codex #1 Delilah: Six Deer: A Journey from Mexicatl to Chicana (detail), 1992. Painted amate paper on board, photographs, and string; 18 x 60 in. University of New Mexico University Libraries, Center for Southwest Research. © Delilah Montoya


Elizabeth Becker