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2010 City United Way Campaign Results

The City of Albuquerque is proud to announce its employees increased both their participation and pledged donations in the 2010 United Way Campaign!

In the 2010 campaign City employee participation increased by nearly 6.7 percent over the 2009 campaign.


  • Our Goal was to increase participation 3 percent above 2009 numbers. We increased participation by nearly 7.6 percent over the 2009 campaign.
  • Our Goal was to match pledged donations from 2009. We increased pledged donations by more than 12.1 percent over the 2009 campaign.

In all, the 2010 City of Albuquerque campaign raised more than $253,000 in pledged donations for the United Way.

2010 United Way Campaign Summary


Year Total Percent Participation Total Pledge Total Number of Donors
2010 24.44% $253,623.05 1,386
2009 17.80% $226,172.00 1,116