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Western Refining Terminals, LLC, 2020 Second Street SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Western Refining Terminals, LLC requests a modification to their air quality permit in Application #0051-M3

The applicant is requesting a modification to Permit #0051-M1-3TR:


  • Removal of thirteen (13) demolished asphalt tanks;
  • Removal of three (3) existing (but to-be-demolished asphalt tanks (Tanks 6, 57 and 66);
  • Transition the existing per-tank gal/yr throughput limit and emission limit (as detailed in Table 4 of the existing permit) into a facility-wide aggregate limit of 46,820,000 gallons/year (and associated lb/hr and tpy limits);
    • This will provide Western with additional flexibility required to meet future demands;
  • Updated vapor expansion coefficient used in asphalt tank calculations to reflect a more conservative value;
  • Addition of two (2) 6,000 bbl asphalt tanks (Tank 503 and Tank 504);
    • Western will provide notification to the agency prior to the start of construction of these tanks;
  • Transition of the second loading rack (LR-2) from cutback asphalt to asphalt;
    • Cutback asphalt is no longer manufactured at the facility;
  • Transition of Tank 7 from cutback asphalt to asphalt;
    • Cutback asphalt is no longer manufactured at the facility;
  • Addition of pipeline fugitives (FUG) to the permit and modeling;
  • Addition of railcar unloading emissions (UL-1 through UL-9) to the permit and modeling;
  • Addition of truck offloading emissions (TL-1 and TL-2) to the permit and modeling;
  • Update boiler and hot oil heater calculations to use stack test data (Units 1-3);
  • Removal of rain caps from combustion unit The stacks from the boilers and hot oil heater currently have rain caps, which are proposed to be removed. Modeling details are provided in the report included in this application; and
  • Modification of the stack parameters for the combustion units. The stack heights from the boilers (Units 1 and 2) are proposed to be increased from 20 ft to 35 ft. The stack height for the hot oil heater is proposed to be decreased from the previously proposed 30 ft to 26 ft, which is its existing


Important Dates:

Comment Period Start Date:  April 28, 2023

Comment End Date: May 28, 2023

Decision Due Date: July 25, 2023


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