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Albuquerque 311 Skill for Alexa: Feedback Form

How was your experience using the Albuquerque 311 Skill for Amazon Alexa? Let us know.

Your Feedback: Albuquerque 311 Skill

How was your experience with the Albuquerque 311 Skill for Amazon Alexa?

Have ideas for features for the Albuquerque 311 Skill?

Let us know!

Commitment to Improvement

The City of Albuquerque strives to improve our digital services for residents, businesses, and visitors. If you have a suggestion for the Albuquerque 311 Skill, please share it with us on the following feedback form.

Feedback Form: Albuquerque 311 Skill


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I received the information that I needed from Alexa.
I successfully reported an issue with Alexa.