There are two ways to upload an image in Plone.

  1. You can insert a new image directly into the body text.
  2. You can upload an image into your Images folder.

Inserting an image

  1. First, click on the insert image icon in the toolbar. It appears as a picture of a tree. Plone's icon to add an image to the body area.
  2. A screenshot of the Dialog Box which pops up when adding an image. You'll be shown a dialogue with folders. Your department probably has a folder for images -- Navigate up one level until you find your folder titled "images."
  3. You can select an image that is already in your folder.
  4. You can also upload a new image. Click the Upload file button and then browse to the image on your computer.
  5. Give your image a descriptive title and description so it is accessible to a screen reader.
  6. Upload your image.
  7. You should resize your image ahead of time (see information below), but you can do some minor adjustments using Plone's built-in resizer. Choose the size you'd like from the drop-down menu.
  8. Choose your alignment - inline, left, or right.
  9. Click the Insert button.


  • The title is not the same as the filename. You can use capitalization, spaces, and punctuation in the title.
  • The image will be called the same thing it is called on your computer, so make sure there are no spaces, punctuation or capital letters in the filename.
  • Plone will automatically give your image a border. It's part of the template.

Uploading to your Images Folder

Your Image Folder

All of your images stored in Plone will live in your Images folder. You can find your Images folder using the URL bar. Type folder/images. If you are at the BioPark, your URL bar would read:

Upload a New Image

  • Once you have found your Images folder, choose "Add New" from the task bar's drop-down menus.
  • Make sure your image has been sized appropriately. Read more about sizing images.
  • Give your image a Title and Description.
  • Browse to the image on your computer's hard drive.
  • Save your image.