Create a page

  1. Click Add New and then Page to create a new page.

    screenshot of create page in Plone
  2. Title: You get to assign a title to any page you create. Feel free to use spaces in your page title. Plone automatically creates a URL for you. Your title should Screenshot of Title, Description, and Body Text fields when creating a new page. be short and descriptive of the page—"ABQ BioPark," for example, or "Mayor's Message." It will appear at the top of your page as a header.
  3. Description: Anything you put in this field will appear above the page content in bold. You don’t need to put anything here at all.
  4. Body Text: This is where all the actual content of your page goes. You’ll be given all the same options here as you get when you’re editing a page, but since the page you’re working on doesn’t exist already, you have to start everything from scratch.
  5. You don’t need to include the title of your page in the body text field—it will appear above your content as a header.
  6. Save your page.