Here are some advanced tips and tricks for working in Plone.

Hiding content from navigation

When you create a page it automatically shows up in the left-hand navigation. In many cases you will not want that to happen. Home pages of folders should be hidden (or else they basically show up twice) as should things like contact information.

To hide your content from navigation, make someone from the web team do it for you because you don't have the privileges to do it yourself.


If you wish to access the HTML (code) on your page, click the HTML button The icon in the Plone toolbox for accessing the HTML code for the page. in the toolbar. Click Update or Cancel to return to the editor view. You'll need to be in HTML mode if you want to embed a code, like for a video, map, or photo slide show.

Creating FAQs and using anchors

If you look around the city website, you'll notice a few pages use things called "anchors" to jump around a page. These are commonly used for "back to top" links as well as to link to specific letters on alphabetical lists and questions on FAQ pages. The A-Z page, for example, uses anchors to link to every letter in the alphabet. Anchors can be a little cranky, so avoid using them if possible.

Creating folders

Sometimes you may find that what you're doing requires more folders. If you want a new folder, email ISD helpdesk.


Sometimes you may find you wish to use linebreaks (<br>) instead of paragraphs (<p>). Holding down shift and then pressing return will insert a linebreak. You may find you need to do this to get more precise spacing as well as to make your text wrap more easily around images.