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New Rapid Ride Stop Opens in Albuquerque’s Uptown Neighborhood

Serves New Target Superstore along Westbound Route of #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line


The Target Superstore isn’t the only new thing opening in Albuquerque’s Uptown neighborhood in March, 2013.  A new Rapid Ride stop designed to serve Target and Uptown area customers also opened for business on Saturday, March 2.

The stop is in front of the new Target on Indian School NE, just east of Louisiana.  It serves the westbound #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line as it comes out of the Uptown Transit Center and heads into Downtown Albuquerque.

“This new stop in Uptown furthers the goal of using public transportation to bring customers and new business together,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry.  “Thousands of potential Target customers can now utilize public transportation for their shopping needs.”

The #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line actually changed its route and schedule out of the Uptown Transit Center in mid-December in anticipation of serving the Target Superstore’s customers.  Construction on the new stop began in January, 2013, with barricades visible to Rapid Ride passengers as the #766 cruised by.

Now, the newly-minted stop brings a Rapid Ride bus to customers approximately every 15 minutes on weekdays.  Customers will see a Rapid Ride bus at the stop approximately every 20 minutes on Saturdays and approximately every half hour on Sundays.

Notices have been posted at the stop to let riders know that Rapid Ride service starts on Saturday, March 2.  However, the Target Superstore won’t open to the public until Wednesday, March 6.

“ABQ RIDE is designed to go where the ridership is strongest,” said Bruce Rizzieri, Director of ABQ RIDE.  “This new Rapid Ride stop is a good example of allocating our resources to best serve our growing number of riders.”