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Ballot Order Announced for 2013 Election

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View the order in which candidate names appear on the 2013 General Election ballot.

Names of qualified candidates for the 2013 general election appear on ballots in the following order:


  1. Richard J. Berry
  2. Paul J. Heh
  3. Pete Dinelli

Council District 1

Ken Sanchez

Council District 2

  1. Isaac Benton
  2. Roxanna Meyers

Council District 3

  1. Klarissa J. Pena
  2. Tania S. Silva
  3. Ronnie O. Garcia

Council District 5

  1. Eloise Gift
  2. Dan Lewis

Council District 7

  1. Matthew HC Biggs
  2. Diane G. Gibson
  3. Janice E. Arnold-Jones

Council District 9

  1. Don F. Harris
  2. Lovie L. McGee
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