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City Clerk Issued Identification

Information regarding City Clerk issued voter identification for voting in an Albuquerque Municipal Election.

City Clerk Issued Identification Procedure

The City Clerk may issue a Voter ID free of charge to registered voters upon request, if they DO NOT have the approved voter identification. This ID may be used for the sole purpose of voting in an Albuquerque Municipal Election. Please follow the procedure below to receive your requested ID.

  1. The voter must provide 2 of the following forms of identification showing their name and address.
    • State ID card
    • Social Security card
    • Student ID card
    • Library card
    • Insurance card
    • Selective Service card
    • Union card
    • Professional association card
    • Utility bill
    • Bank statement
    • Government check or paycheck
  2. Call the Office of the City Clerk to make an appointment.
  3. At your appointment the City Clerk's office will verify your 2 forms of identification and City of Albuquerque Security division will generate your photo Voter ID.