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Proposed Public Finance Updates

Information about the Proposed Public Finance Updates in the 2019 Local Election.

What are the proposed updates to Albuquerque's Public Finance System?

Shall the City of Albuquerque adopt the following amendments to update the language of the Open and Ethical Elections Code, which provides for public financing of City candidates: clarify the use of in-kind contributions, increase how much seed money a candidate can collect, provide definitions for “election cycle” and “candidate," require candidates to follow public financing contribution limits for one year before asking for public funds, increase funds for publically financed mayoral candidates and set a minimum distribution for council candidates in districts with fewer than 40,000 registered voters, enforce City Clerk’s administrative rules, and allow the City Council to amend the Open and Ethical Elections Code by ordinance with a  vote of a majority plus two of the entire membership of the Council?

Click here to view a PDF of the full proposed resolution.

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