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Members of the UETF Governing Committee

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Name Title/ District Term Expires
Ms. Ashley Otero Council District 1  02/01/2020
Ms. Patricia W. Catlett Council District 2 02/01/2014
Vacant Council District 3
Mr. John Rockwell Council District 4 02/01/2017
Ms. Meaghan Cavanaugh Council District 5 02/01/2020
Ms. Carolyn E. Gonzales Council District 6 02/01/2015
Mr. Steve Borbas Council District 7 02/01/2017
Ms. Carole C. Sullivan Council District 8 02/01/2017
Mr. Christopher J. Couls Council District 9 02/01/2017
Vacant At-Large
Vacant At-Large


At present, the UETF Committee meets the first full Friday of every month.  The schedule is subject to change.  Meeting dates and rooms are announced publicly, two weeks in advance of each meeting.