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Information about ABQ RIDE applications for mobile devices.

Mobile App Stores

Find ABQ RIDE-related apps at these app stores:

It is easier than ever to get ABQ RIDE information with smartphone apps.

Taking ABQ RIDE to work, school, or entertainment is now easier than ever before. A number of smartphone applications are available to help you easily locate your bus or plan your ride.

Since June 2012, a number of free and for-a-price applications using City of Albuquerque and ABQ RIDE data have popped up for iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphone users.


The most downloaded app is the ABQ RIDE App, currently available for free to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and now Android smartphone users. It primarily tells where your bus is within about 30 second's accuracy. It also features bus schedules, fares, ABQ RIDE's website, related websites such as the N.M. Rail Runner and any special alerts regarding Transit.

iOS Users

For iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch users: Download and install the ABQ RIDE mobile app here.

Download the ABQ RIDE app for your Apple device

Android Users

For Android Phone users: Download and install the ABQ RIDE mobile app here:

Download the ABQ RIDE app for your Android

Where's My Bus Mobile Website

UNM has also developed a website and mobile website for smartphones that tracks ABQ RIDE buses within 30 second's time. It's called Where's My Bus? The website is available at or at for smartphone users (however, since it is constantly refreshing itself, it may require more data than available on a phone's data plan).

Where's My Bus? - This University of New Mexico-developed website also tracks ABQ RIDE buses throughout the city.