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ART Bus Stop Closures

Information about ART Bus Stop Closures.

ABQ Ride/ART Bus Stop Closures:

Updated: Monday, Oct. 24, 2016 until Further Notice.

  • Westbound #66 Stop on Central at Old Coors/Yucca-Temporary Closure

  •  Construction on NE corner of Yucca will affect this stop.

  • Eastbound #66 & #766 stop on Central, just west of Atrisco SW (in front of Burlington)-Temporary Closure.

    Construction on SW corner of Central and Atrisco SW affecting this stop.
    • Temporary Stop-for eastbound #766 will be added to the existing eastbound #66 stop ahead of Bob’s Burgers, just east of 47th on Central
  • NEW Northbound #51 detoured:

    N-Atrisco, S-47th, E-Central (serve temporary stop at Bob’s Burgers), S-Atrisco to temporary layover by Burlington.
    • NEW Temporary Stop for #51 – for northbound #51 at Central eastbound & 46th (Bob’s Burgers) to facilitate transfers between #51 and routes #66 and #766.



  • Westbound #66 & #766 stops on Central, just east of Tingley Dr. SW (in front of the BioPark)-Temporary Closure.

    Construction on north side of Central affecting this stop.
  • Temporary Stop-for westbound #766 will be added to the existing westbound #66 stop at New York.



  • Westbound #66 stops on Central between 10th & 14th Streets

    • Re-opened


  • Westbound #66, #766 & #777 stops next to the Main Public Library at Copper SW and 6th –Temporary Closure. Construction on the NE corner will affect this stop.

  • Temporary Stops- for westbound #66, #766 & #777 on Copper between 4th & 5th The temporary 766/66 stops will be added together, and the 777 will have its own temporary bus stop. Eight (8) parking meters will be bagged.


  • Westbound #66 bus stops nearside and far side at Central and University – Temporary Closure.

  • Eastbound #66 bus stop at Central and University – Temporary Closure.

    • Passengers should look for stops immediately east or west of these closures
  • Southbound #16-BUG and #92-Taylor Ranch Commuter stops on University between MLK and Central -Temporary Closure

    • Temporary Stop

      -for both the southbound #16 and southbound #92 located at Ash and University.
  • NEW Westbound #66, #766 & #777 at Central & Cedar far side/Presbyterian Hospital – Temporary Closure

    • Temporary Stop – for all three routes at Central & Mulberry far side.


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