Employee of the Quarter

Nominate an ABQ RIDE staff member for Employee of the Quarter


Our customers are the ones that see our drivers, security guards, customer service representatives and other employees doing their jobs. If you have a good experience with one of our employees, please take a few moments to nominate them for Employee of the Quarter.  The process used to be known as Employee of the Month, but has now been changed to a quarterly nomination.

In your nomination we will need to know:

  • The name of the ABQ RIDE employee
  • Why they should be considered for Employee of the Quarter
  • Your contact information, in case we have any questions

E-mail your Employee of the Quarter nomination!

Employees of the Month-2010

Jan., 2010 - Christopher Davis

Feb., 2010 - Ernest Gallegos

March, 2010 - Sandra Saiz

April, 2010 - Allan Max

May, 2010 - Michelle Padilla

June, 2010 - Minh Tang

July, 2010 - Benjamin Catron

Aug., 2010 - Mary L. Murayama

Sept., 2010 - Lawrence Million

Oct., 2010 - Sharon Garcia

Nov., 2010 - Martin Griego

Dec., 2010 - Andrew de Garmo

2010 Employee of the Year: Sandra Saiz


Employees of the Month-2011

Jan., 2011 - Jason Beagan

Feb., 2011 - Jeanelle Labadie

March, 2011 - Charles Osman

April, 2011 - Rebecca Torres

Ma,y 2011 - Bobby Garcia

June, 2011 - Cody Fritts

July, 2011 - Linda Medlock

Aug., 2011 - Amy Johnson

Sept., 2011- Perry Martinez

Oct., 2011- Nick Cordova

Nov., 2011- Renee Garduño

Dec., 2011-Brian Brito

Employees of the Month-2012

Jan., 2012-Leo LaPlante

Feb., 2012-Steve Martinez

March, 2012-Ken Jensen

April, 2012-James Meek

May, 2012-Ray White

June, 2012-James Montoya

July, 2012-Alex Gonzales

Aug., 2012-Frank Martinez

Sept., 2012-MaryAnn Castillo

Oct., 2012-Brenda De La Cruz

Nov., 2012-Gloria Witherspoon

Dec., 2012-Danny Apodaca

2012 Employee of the Year: Brenda De La Cruz

Employees of the Month-2013

Jan., 2013-Mario Tapia

Feb., 2013-Anthony Gomez

March, 2013-Naomi Sena

April, 2013-Leticia Guzman

May, 2013-Katherine Anzures

June, 2013-Kevin Beard

July, 2013-Cris Medina

Aug., 2013-Eugene Gomez

Sept., 2013-Raul Aguirre

Oct., 2013-Barbara Turner

Nov., 2013-Lupe Mowery

Dec., 2013-Christopher Taylor

2013 Employee of the Year: Katherine Anzures

Employees of the Quarter-2014

Jan., Feb., & March, 2014-Vera Taylor