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Save Money and Time. Take ABQ RIDE to the New Mexico State Fair.

Shuttle Service into Fairgrounds from Casino Entrance Continues during Fair’s Last Weekend

ABQ RIDE provides an economical and timely service to the State Fair.  From its four Park and Ride facilities, ABQ RIDE serves the Fair with four bus routes, including Rapid Ride routes #766 & #777, Route #66 and Route #157 to drop off and pick up fairgoers at Central and Louisiana and at other bus stops adjacent to the fairgrounds.

A free, weekend shuttle at the Fair will again be provided during this final Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Fair.  From Noon to 11:30 p.m., the shuttle will pick up fairgoers at the Casino entrance (near the corner of Louisiana and Central) and shuttle them to the Admission booths inside the State Fair grounds.

Fairgoers can use four ABQ RIDE Park and Ride lots for regular bus service to the State Fairgrounds.  The most recommended Park and Ride for fairgoers is the closest one to the Fair, the Uptown Transit Center Park and Ride facility, located just south of Coronado Shopping Center.  The other Park and Ride facilities are located at: Coors By-Pass and Ellison (Northwest Transit Center), Central and Unser (Central and Unser Transit Center), and at Wenonah and Tramway.

Regular fares apply; $1-Adults (each way), Citizens age 62 or over, mobility-impaired and Students (10-18), 35 cents (each way).  Accompanied children age 9 and younger ride free.  Bus fares do not include admission to the fair.

Here are the final departure times from Central and Louisiana to ABQ RIDE’s Park and Ride facilities.  For additional schedule information, go to or call 243-RIDE (7433).

Central and Louisiana FINAL Departure Times to Park and Ride Facilities:

To the Uptown Transit Center (south of Coronado Shopping Center)

Northbound Rte. 157-Louisiana/Uptown/ Montaño—Weekdays-11 p.m.; Saturday-11:40 p.m.; Sunday-10:15 p.m.

Northbound Rte. 766-Rapid/Red Line —Weekdays-9:35 p.m.; Saturday-9:05 p.m.; Sunday-6:40 p.m.


To Central and Unser Transit Center

Westbound Rte. 66 —Monday-Thursday- Midnight; Friday-1:00 a.m.; Saturday-12:45 a.m.; Sunday-11:50 p.m.

Westbound Rte. 766-Rapid Ride/Red Line —Weekdays-9 p.m.; Saturday-8:45 p.m.; Sunday-6 p.m.


To Northwest Transit Center (Ellison and Coors Bypass-near Cottonwood Mall)

Northbound Rte. 157- Louisiana/Uptown/Montaño—Weekdays-11 p.m.; Saturdays-11:40 p.m.; Sundays-10:15 p.m.

Several bus stops along Louisiana and Lomas will be closed throughout the run of the Fair.  From September 11 through September 22, for Route #157, all southbound stops on Louisiana from Lomas to Central will be closed, except for the near-side stop at Louisiana and Central.  For Rt. #11, all eastbound stops on Lomas between San Pedro and Louisiana will be closed.

During this last weekend of the Fair (from 3 p.m., September 20 through 4 p.m., September 22), all southbound stops along Louisiana from I-40 south to Central will be closed for Routes #157 and #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line.  However, both routes will be stopping at Louisiana and Central.

State Fair 2013 Shuttle