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Route #16/18-Broadway/University/Gibson (The “BUG”) Is Now Route #16

Change Also Includes Improvements, Such as Two Way Service


On Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014, Route #16/18 became Route #16-Broadway/University/Gibson (The “BUG”). ABQ RIDE made the change to simplify and make improvements to the route, such as two way service to the area currently served by the route north of Downtown Albuquerque. Before the change, that area has had only one-way service going through it.

Improvements to the route include the following:

  • Service in both directions to the Alvarado Transportation Center (ATC). Currently, the service is southbound only.
  • Service to the Jack Candelaria Community Center (JCCC) on 400 San Jose Ave. SE
  • Two-way service on University between Lomas and Indian School.
  • Two-way service on Odelia (Indian School) between University and Broadway.
  • Two-way service on Broadway between Central Ave. and Odelia.

The route no longer serves westbound Mountain Rd. and southbound 2nd/3rd. However, Route #5-Carlisle/Montgomery continues to serve those stops.  At its southern end, the route now also serves San Jose Avenue instead of Woodward Road.

The total number and frequency of bus trips of the newly-designated Route #16 matches the current bus schedule on Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Minor changes have been made to scheduled arrival and departure times to accommodate the new route and to improve on-time performance.

For a look at a map detailing the changes in the new Route #16, CLICK HERE.