Outpouring of Smartphone Apps Make Using ABQ RIDE Easier than Ever

Mayor’s Open Data Initiative Spurs Many Transit-Related Apps


Taking ABQ RIDE to work, school or entertainment just got easier than ever before.  That’s because in the past year, a number of smartphone applications have become available to help you easily locate your bus or plan your ride.

Since June, 2012 a number of free and for-a-price applications using City of Albuquerque/ABQ RIDE data have popped up for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphone users.  The City of Albuquerque data sets were made available by Mayor Richard J. Berry’s Open Data Initiative, which encouraged the development of apps and services for public use.

“I’m delighted that since this data became available, so many entrepreneurs have found a way to help riders locate their buses or plan a trip on ABQ RIDE,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry.  “And I’m sure these apps had at least a small part in helping ABQ RIDE achieve a record-13 million passenger boardings in 2012.”

So far, the most downloaded app has been the ABQ RIDE App, with more than 4,000 downloads since June, 2012.  Currently available for free to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, it was developed by APPCityLife, Inc., an Albuquerque-based company.

The ABQ RIDE app primarily tells where your bus is within about 30 second’s accuracy.  It also features bus schedules, fares, ABQ RIDE’s website, related websites such as the N.M. Rail Runner and any special alerts regarding Transit/ABQ RIDE.  A version for Androids and other smartphones could be available by the end of 2013.

Other ABQ RIDE-related apps include:

Hop Stop- free for Apple, Android and Windows users

Albuquerque-Where's the Bus?-free for Android users

Transit! Eleven-Three-free for Android users

Next Bus-free for Android and Windows users

Take Me Home-free for Windows users

Get Me 2 Anywhere-available for $1.19 for Android users (a free trial is also available)

Transit Times-available for $3.99 for Apple users


UNM has also developed a website and mobile website for smartphones that also tracks ABQ RIDE buses within 30 second’s time.  It’s called Where’s My Bus? The website is available at wmb.unm.edu or at wmb.unm.edu/m/ for smartphone users.

“These apps should now take away much of the guesswork about when your bus is arriving,” said Bruce Rizzieri, Director of ABQ RIDE.  “And soon, we’ll also have a texting system that will help all cellphone users to know when their buses are scheduled to arrive.”

To get a free download of the ABQ RIDE App for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, click on the Apple App store, search for ABQ RIDE, and when the app appears, hit the Install button.  Or you can click the ABQ RIDE Apps page and use your QR Code reader to scan the QR Code and go directly to the site.

You can also go to  the Apps page for your smartphone’s websites and search for similar apps.


ABQ RIDE Director Bruce Rizzieri demonstrates the ABQ RIDE AppDirector Bruce Rizzieri demos the ABQ RIDE App


News media looking on at ABQ RIDE Apps news conferenceNews media watches Apps demonstration