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Louisiana & Central Intersection Work Completes Ahead of Schedule

Route #157-Montano/Uptown/Kirtland No Longer on Detour; #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line Only on Southbound Detour

ART General Contractor Bradbury Stamm has re-opened the Louisiana and Central intersection. Originally, the schedule called for a 31-day schedule, which was revised to an accelerated five-day schedule. And the team worked even more efficiently and got it done in four days - saving an estimated one month of total construction time at that intersection.

Bradbury Stamm closed the north and southbound access to the intersection in order to decrease the duration of construction in the area, which would have otherwise taken over a month with varying levels of traffic control delays. Following a quick four-day turnaround of extensive construction, the intersection is now open.

“The City continues the ART construction with a commitment to minimal disruption to the driving public,” said Mayor Richard Berry. “Bradbury Stamm’s work in four days saved drivers from a month’s worth of delays, mitigating overall construction impact. Throughout the Louisiana intersection work, eastbound and westbound Central remained open.”

For more information on construction schedules or for additional project information on ART, visit or call 505-398-4ART.