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Kindergarteners Use ABQ RIDE to Learn about Public Transportation & Their Community

May 10, 2012

When it comes to using public transportation to navigate and to learn more about their community, the Kindergarten teacher and staff at Helen Cordero Primary School in Southwest Albuquerque believe their students are never too young to start.  That’s why this year, the Kinder class and teacher Patricia Salisbury have become experts at getting to their field trips using ABQ RIDE.

Using the bus has also taught the class how to save money.  That’s because it costs only a few dollars to take ABQ RIDE for field trips, instead of spending $175 each time they charter a bus and driver for an outing.   Students ride free and parents and teachers only need a $2 Day Pass to get around.

“I’m grateful that Ms. Salisbury is not only showing students how to use ABQ RIDE, but also some of the great places our city has to offer,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry, who visited the Kinder class.  “This is a great example of how an educator is thinking outside the box to benefit students.”

“We use ABQ RIDE for field trips because it not only saves our school district money, but also teaches the kids how to use the bus system and read signs,” said Patricia Salisbury, Kindergarten Teacher at Helen Cordero Primary.  “Not only is it a terrific way to get around, but it also extends their class to the community.”

So far this school year, the kindergarteners have visited such places as Popejoy Hall on the UNM campus, the Albuquerque BioPark and even the Albuquerque Sunport.  And each time kindergarteners, Ms. Salisbury and parent chaperones have hopped on ABQ RIDE to take them there.  Often, they use the Route #54-Bridge/Westgate or Route #198-98th/Dennis Chavez to get them to the Central and Unser Transit Center, where they connect with one of the Rapid Rides to their final destination.

Using ABQ RIDE for field trips is nothing new.  Every year, hundreds of APS classes rely on the bus system to take them on field trips, as a way of cutting costs.  But the Cordero kindergarteners are learning at an early age that it pays to use public transportation.

“I applaud the resourcefulness of the teachers of APS,” APS Superintendent Winston Brooks said. “In times of tight finances, teachers like Ms. Salisbury have become creative in how they provide experiences outside the classroom for their students. Using ABQ Ride is an efficient way to solve the transportation issue.”


Mayor Richard J. Berry emcees News Conference

APS Superintendent Winston Brooks

Kinder class participates and listens

ABQ RIDE Director Bruce Rizzieri

Bus driver Chris Gutierrez presented class drawings from Kinder teacher Patricia Salisbury