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Albuquerque Citizens Create Group to Support Route 66 Businesses


The Road Barrel Buyers is a self-proclaimed “action focused citizen group” advocating for individuals to make pledges to support Central Avenue businesses during Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) construction. The group is composed of nearly 100 members pledging to eat, shop, and buy from local small businesses on Central Avenue, along with making suggestions for events, special menu items and more.

Mayor Richard J. Berry remarked, “Central Avenue is lined with unique and incredible places to eat and shop, and I encourage everyone to follow this group's example and make the holiday season about supporting local businesses, especially those along this vibrant corridor.” 

Among the pledges made on the group page, individuals have pledged to find dry cleaners, holiday shopping stops, and grocery stores along the corridor, as well as to have a weekly lunch or dinner on Central Avenue. 

The group description states, “While we hope everyone has been and will continue to shop along Central, especially at local businesses, this page is about going ‘above and beyond’ during the heightened disruption of construction.”

For more information on the page, or to make your own pledge about supporting Central Avenue businesses, visit For more information or updates on the ART project, visit at or call 505-398-4ART.