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ABQ Transit Connects Workers, Jobs: Report

Albuquerque, ABQ RIDE favorably compared to 99 other U.S. metro areas by Brookings Institute.

When it comes to connecting workers to jobs using public transportation, Albuquerque is once again ranked among the nation's top cities. This, from a study released this week by the Brookings Institute, a D.C. public policy organization.

Albuquerque was ranked sixth out of the nation's largest 100 Metropolitan Areas for its share of the metropolitan population (47.1 percent) that can use public transit to reach a job within 90 minutes. Albuquerque also ranked 15th for its share of metro area jobs (84.5 percent) in neighborhoods served by public transportation.

'Good Work'

"The Brookings Institute has once again recognized Albuquerque and ABQ RIDE for the good work it does in connecting riders with jobs," said Mayor Richard J. Berry. "And it confirms what our residents are increasingly realizing; that ABQ RIDE is an excellent, efficient and inexpensive way to get around town."

Favorable in West

Albuquerque compared favorably with other western cities such as Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, El Paso and Austin in the Brookings Institute's 2012 rankings.

In 2011, the Institute ranked ABQ RIDE as one of the nation's best transit systems for connecting people and jobs across a metropolitan area. It said in a report released through Time Magazine that when it came to efficient ways to get people to work without a car, ABQ RIDE ranked as the seventh-best system in the nation.

The criteria were based on percent of working-age residents (73 percent) near a transit stop, Median wait (14.0 minutes) for any rush hour bus and percent of jobs (53 percent) reachable via transit in 90 minutes.

Pride in ABQ Ride

"This study yet again reinforces our pride in operating ABQ RIDE, " said Bruce Rizzieri, Director of ABQ RIDE. "We hope future surveys will continue to reflect our daily work to improve our bus system."

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