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ABQ RIDE Releases Video of Latest ART Bus Accident

Urges drivers to use caution when traveling in ART corridor

Following incidents in which drivers have struck ART buses over the last couple of days, ABQ RIDE is urging drivers to be aware and alert of the ART buses on Central Avenue.  The latest incident happened on Central near Monroe. VIDEO HERE.

The Transit Department is also reiterating that for your safety, the safety of loved ones and everyone on the road, please don’t cross into the ART lanes or attempt U-turns across the ART lanes, or attempt left hand turns against a red arrow turn signal.

As a general precaution, always check your side and rear mirrors before attempting to turn or change lanes.  Fortunately there were not significant injuries as a result of these incidents, but it’s imperative that drivers stay alert as everyone adapts to the new flow of traffic on Central Avenue.

The City of Albuquerque’s public education campaign is underway for the ART project, and Clear Channel Outdoor is providing support on their digital billboards to help continue to get the word out about driver safety in the ART corridor.