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ABQ RIDE App Makes It Easy For Balloon Fiesta Visitors to Use Public Transportation

If the traffic around Balloon Fiesta Park makes you think twice about driving around town the next few weeks, consider using ABQ RIDE. For many visitors, it can be an inexpensive alternative to driving and parking at some of the city’s most popular places and neighborhoods. And nothing helps you plot your trips on ABQ RIDE like the ABQ RIDE App.

It’s available for free for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android phone. Just go to and click on “Transit Mobile Apps” on the front page to download it onto your smartphone.

The App provides not only real time information about where buses are located, but other information such as a trip planner (Plan My Ride), schedule and fare information, connections to websites, social media, special alerts about ABQ RIDE’s routes and New Mexico Rail Runner Express schedules and fares. This is especially important since the Rail Runner is providing an all-in-one ticket to Balloon Fiesta (train ride, shuttle pickup from the Los Ranchos/Journal Center Station to and from Balloon Fiesta and a Fiesta admission ticket) during the Fiesta’s two weekends.

Since 2015, the ABQ RIDE app has also featured superimposed maps of Albuquerque’s nearly 400 miles of bike trails, along with their proximity to ABQ RIDE stops. And last year, the App added yet another new feature. If you’re making a connection from one route to another, you track multiple routes in the Live Tracking feature. Other improvements include:

  • Upon opening the app, it takes you directly to the Live Tracking page (the app’s most used feature)
  • App has direct access to Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) news, push notices and map
  • Users can now easily view other apps like the ABQ 311 app from the ABQ Ride App

The App was developed by Albuquerque-based APPCityLife, Inc. It made its debut in June, 2012, after City of Albuquerque data sets were made available to the public by Mayor Richard J. Berry’s Open Data Initiative. That program encouraged the development of apps and services for public use.

“The nearly 60 thousand people who’ve downloaded the app on iOS and Android since 2012 already know how helpful it can be in tracking their bus and getting schedule information,” said Bruce Rizzieri, Director of ABQ RIDE. “Now, visitors to Albuquerque can get around town on ABQ RIDE with the same ease as locals do.”

For riders who have only texting capability on their cellphones, there is still TXT2RIDE (TEXT 2-7433) for many bus routes.  You simply text your bus stop number (unique, bus stop number pucks are at many stops in the city) and after a space, the route number to 2-7433.  In as little as 15 seconds, you’ll get a text back with the next two, scheduled buses at your stop.