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ART Safety & Accessibility

Information about Safety and Accessibility features of the ART system.

Safety and Security

  • ART stations are elevated, well lit, and have monitors displaying travel and community information.
  • Stations and buses are cleaned daily.
  • Stations and buses are patrolled by Transit Security officers.
  • Four security cameras are in every station.
  • An emergency 911 button is available on the kiosk at each station.

Accessibility features

ART is dedicated to delivering the best travel experience possible for all passengers.

  • Level boarding entry makes it easier for passengers with mobility impairments to ride. Those with wheelchairs or walkers can roll on board at ART stations without worrying about climbing steps
  • There are two wheel chair securement options on each ART bus; one front facing securement area, and one back facing self-securing securement area.
  • Braille stop request buttons will be available inside the ART bus.
  • On the ticket vending machine, Braille will inform riders of what station they are at and what stations the upcoming buses will be traveling to.
  • All signalized crosswalks to ART stations have acoustic in both English and Spanish and vibratory signals to assist those with sensory impairments.
  • Tactile guideways and truncated domes are placed on the edge of stations to aid those with mobility and sight impediments.
  • Timed pedestrian crossings allow time for passengers to cross safely and comfortably.