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One Albuquerque Snapshot for Monday, June 17, 2019

Your One Albuquerque Snapshot for Monday, June 17, 2019.

2019 National Senior Games

The 2019 National Senior Games presented by Humana continues today in Albuquerque. Track & Field events are being webcast live on YouTube.

Medal Count

At this hour California is back on top in the Medal Count but New Mexico was leading earlier today. Florida is at number 3.

The National Senior Games Medal Count as of June 16, 2019.

NM athletes defending their Gold Medals yesterday included:

  • NM athletes defending their Gold Medals today include Diane Mueller, Swimming (Womens, 400Y IM, 85-89) and Qian-Yun Zhang, Badminton (Womens Singles, 55-59).
  • The oldest NM athlete in The Games is competing today. Larry Johnson of Albuquerque is running the 50M in the 95 to 99 age category.
  • Power duo Jordan Wolle and Phil Djang of Las Cruces, NM are both competing in the swimming competition. Jordan Wolle is swimming the men’s 90-94 200Y Free, while Phil Djang is swimming the men’s 65-69 100Y Back. Read more…
  • And ABQ City Councilor Brad Winter is competing in the Pole Vault.

Official Results

For official results in all sports and the updated Medal Count, visit the National Senior Games results page at And visit the NSGA Games Daily News for June 16, 2019.

Monday, June 17, 2019

It’s time to select events to attend on Monday. There is competition in most sports. See the full schedule. It’s also Indian Day at The Village Health & Wellness Expo at the Albuquerque Convention Center. And it’s Movie Monday! Join us out on Civic Plaza for the 30th Anniversary of the movie Field of Dreams at 7 p.m. Free to all athletes and spectators. Civic Plaza features one of the largest outdoors screens in Albuquerque and there will be food trucks, concession stands and a beer garden on-site, along with the Civic Plaza splash pad fountain! 

New Mexico Athletes

  • Diane Mueller defends her Gold Medal in Swimming (Womens, 200Y Fly, 85-89).
  • Kerri Segell defends her Gold Medal in the Race Walk (Womens, 5000M, 60-64).
  • Ann Aceves defends her Gold Medal in Swimming (Womens, 200Y Back, 85-89).
  • Phillip Djang defends his Gold Medal in Swimming (Mens, 200Y Back, 65-69).
  • Cena Fragua defends her Gold Medal in Shuffleboard (Womens Singles, 60-64).
  • John Manning defends his Gold Medal in the Shot Put (Mens, 80-84).

Other top New Mexico athletes competing Monday include Peter Armstrong in the Race Walk, Janet Blair, Bonnie Coleman and Anne Isham in the Javelin throw.

New Mexican athlete, Ralph Paytiamo of Acoma Pueblo will be competing in the Men’s 80-84 5K Power Walk. Ralph was the son of two medicine people, but still fell into trouble and started drinking at 12. He served 28 years in the Navy, got sober and now teaches and models traditions and good habits to the youth. Read more…

Debra Klecan of Edgewood, NM was the April 2019 Athlete of the Month. She will be competing in the Women’s 60-64 Freestyle swim competition on Monday. Debra is a swimmer, but also a photographer/illustrator who ran series of sports poses of her dog, Chama, on social media to promote the New Mexico Games in 2018. Read more…  

Additional Athletes to Watch

  • Watch for an ex-Olympic athlete on Monday during the Men’s 85-89 50Y Freestyle swim competition. Graham Johnston, a highly decorated swimmer from South Africa, competed in 1954 Olympics, and is now a US citizen. Graham swam across Gibraltar Straits at age 79, and is a member of the International swimming Hall of Fame, while also holding a number of pool and open water records. This will be Graham’s sixth National Senior Games appearance and holds 10 #1 and other rankings in the National Senior Games All-Time Top Performances. Read more..
  • Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins from Baton Rouge Louisiana is 103 is competing in the Women’s 100+ 50M Track and Field race on Monday. Read more…
  • You’re never too old to do cartwheels, right? Well this is part of Kay Glynn’s warm up before her meets. Great athlete, elite pole vaulter has many records. Kay will be competing in the Women’s 65-69 Triple Jump Track & Field event on Monday. Read more…
  • George Freeman, 88, from Foley, Alabama will be participating in this year's National Senior Games alongside his daughter. George has run 26 marathons, 6 of which were in Boston. He ran on his college team, but quit and started running again in his mid 40's. However, George is best known for his bowling career at the National Senior Games. Watch this daddy-daughter duo this week at the National Senior Games, and George in the Men’s 86-89 Power Walk race on Monday. Read more...

Online Resources

The Village Health & Wellness Expo

The Village, located at the Albuquerque Convention Center, is the daytime hub of activity where athletes and the public can enjoy exhibits, activities and entertainment in a festive atmosphere.


Suggested hashtags for the 2019 National Senior Games are #TheGames, #RealSeniorMoments and #OneABQ.

About the National Senior Games

In 1985 in St. Louis, MO, a group of seven men and women formed the original leadership for what was initially known as the National Senior Olympics Organization (NSOO). The vision: to promote healthy lifestyles for adults through education, fitness and sport. The NSGA exists today as a non-profit organization dedicated to motivating active adults to lead a healthy lifestyle through the senior games movement. The Games, a 20-sport, biennial competition for men and women 50 and over, is the largest multi-sport event in the world for seniors.

NSGA Member Organizations hold annual games with qualifying competitions in the year preceding The Games. Athletes that meet specific criteria while participating in the State Senior Games qualify to participate. To date, the NSGA has held 16 summer national championships.

The National Senior Games in Albuquerque would not be possible without the support of generous sponsors: Humana, Haverland Lifeplan Communities, La Vida Llena and The Neighborhood in Rio Rancho NM, UNMH, Presybyterian Healthcare Services, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, New Mexico Gas Company, Zibrio and Five Star Senior Living.