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New Residents

Information and services available for new residents.

Starting or Updating Trash Service?

Contact us to initiate or change your residential garbage collection.

  • Telephone: (505) 761-8100

The Solid Waste Management Department provides two types of service for residential garbage collection: 95-gallon plastic roll-out carts for an Automated Collection System and manual recycling system.

Trash and recycling is collected at households within the Albuquerque Metropolitan area once per week.

To initiate residential trash collection, call the Solid Waste Management Department at (505) 761-8100.

Once you have contacted us or submitted your on-line form, staff will establish an account for your residence and will mail you a packet of information describing our services in detail.

If automated collection has been implemented for your area, a 95-gallon roll-out trash cart will be delivered to your residence within 24 hours. Please do not place any other plastic or metal garbage cans at the curb.

The City also has a strong commitment to recycling and provides weekly curbside pick-up of recyclables at all Albuquerque households.

If You Move or Relocate

When leaving a residence, please notify Solid Waste Management by calling (505) 761-8100.

Staff will schedule a pick-up of your trash cart and make arrangements to finalize your account. If you are relocating to another address within the city limits, please follow the above instructions for initiating service at your new location.

Low Income Assistance

The Solid Waste Management Department's assistance program for low-income homeowners is now managed by The Storehouse of Greater Albuquerque. Customers meeting household income requirements may qualify for assistance with their water, sewer and refuse bills.

Participating customers must reapply annually for the program.

View more about The Storehouse.

To obtain an application, please call The Storehouse at (505) 842-6491.

Disability Assistance

Solid Waste Management provides assistance for disabled or elderly residents. For disability assistance, call (505) 761-8360 or 311.