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Convenience Center Acceptable Waste

Convenience Center Guidelines for Acceptable and Prohibited Waste

Below are guidelines for the three City of Albuquerque Convenience Centers:  Eagle Rock Convenience Center (ERCC), Montessa Park Convenience Center (MPCC), and Don Reservoir Convenience Center (DRCC).

This list is not exclusive, and the site supervisor may use his/her discretion when accepting a load from a customer:

  • Hazardous waste, untreated medical waste, infectious waste, dead animals, ammunition or firearms are not accepted.
  • Vehicles + trailers 40 feet combined length are acceptable at Eagle Rock CC (ERCC) and Montessa Park CC (MPCC). No trailers are allowed at Don Reservoir CC (DRCC). There is also a two (2) ton or larger limit on any vehicles entering any Convenience Center.
  • Appliances – 2 allowed with refrigerant intact at ERCC and MPCC and 1 allowed with refrigerant intact at DRCC. All food must be removed from refrigerators/freezers and bagged prior to disposal.
  • Up to 10 mattresses per residential or commercial customers are allowed at ERCC and MPCC. Up to 3 mattresses per customers allowed at DRCC. More than allowed at each site must go to the Cerro Colorado Landfill for disposal.
  • Up to 10 pallets per customer both at ERCC and MPCC, and 5 at DRCC. More than 10 must be disposed at the Cerro Colorado Landfill.
  • Only 9 cubic feet (2 wheel barrel loads) of concrete, dirt, rock, gravel or brick is allowed at ERCC, MPCC and DRCC. Any soil or gravel to be disposed of at any site must not be contaminated with oil, gas or other hazardous substance.
  • Up to 5 tires (auto/small truck) per customer at ERCC, MPCC and DRCC. More than 5-tires must go to Cerro Colorado Landfill for disposal.
  • Hot waste or smoldering waste (ashes, wood etc) cannot be accepted at any Convenience Center. Only after such waste has cooled and been evaluated by Convenience Center staff will it be accepted for disposal due to risk of fire.
  • No roofing materials will be accepted, but may be taken to Rio Rancho or Southwest Landfills.
  • Customers must bag all insulation prior to disposal at convenience centers.
  • No waste containing any free liquids is allowed for disposal at Convenience Centers.
  • Auto batteries will be accepted, as long as they are not leaking.