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Quality Initiatives

Information about improvement in Solid Waste.

In preparing to move into the next century while furthering its goal of building a data-driven, quality-based organization, the Solid Waste Management Department has initiated a team approach to planning, managing, and measuring improvement of its business operations and customer service.

This team approach directs departmental leadership, resources, and employee efforts toward five agreed-upon priority areas.


Conduct an analysis of potential sites for a transfer and resource recovery park by the end of FY/10. Submit a report to the Mayor and City Council by the end of FY/10.


Using existing resources complete an analysis of potential Solid Waste Management Department collection efficiencies and recommend ways of reducing the operational cost associated with collection. The analysis should include a comprehensive look at routing for the residential and commercial sectors and replacing the weekly collection of residential recycling with every-other-week collection. Submit the analysis and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council by the end of the third quarter, FY/11.


Review the green waste and glass processing operations at Cerro Colorado Landfill for efficiencies and cost effectiveness. Evaluate the potential of a public private partnership for processing. Submit a recommendation to the Mayor and City Council by mid-year FY12.