Sports - Practices & Workshops

All workshops and practices are open to beginners through advanced athletes.

Many workshops and practices are offered throughout the year. Contact the 50+ Sports & Fitness center for current dates and times.

Air Gun Practices/Workshops

For athletes interested in learning the sport of air gun, we offer a workshop and practice
time before competition in the spring.


This court sport is great for improving cardiovascular fitness, strength, coordination, and balance. Our drop in play is fast paced and challenging for seasoned players, but also open to those wanting to learn badminton.

Cycling Practices/Workshop

Learn about Cycling. Topics covered are training, bike preparation, eating and drinking, warming up, time trial, and road races.

Mountain Bike Lessons for Beginners

Off-road riding offers a wide variety of pleasurable experiences. With the spectrum of riding surfaces and obstacles you may encounter, knowing some tips and tricks to safe mountain biking will add enjoyment and improve your biking experience.

Mountain Bike Rides

If there is enough interest in group off-road mountain biking, we will organize monthly rides.

Pickleball Practices/Workshops

The Albuquerque Pickleball program welcomes beginners and people of all ages. Lessons, workshops, and tournaments are held throughout Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. Call Bill Marshall for more information at (505) 417-9243.

Racewalking Practices/Workshops

Racewalking clinics and practices are sponsored by the Albuquerque Racewalkers and are held throughout the year. Contact Lenny Krosinsky at (505) 250-2283.


Join the Silver Shufflers for an afternoon of fun and excitement. We play in a gymnasium so the weather never slows things down. Hone you skills with our expert players, or learn this stimulating sport from the best!

Swim Workshop

Come to a technique “tune-up” swim workshop. Experts will lead participants through various drills in all four strokes as well as on body position and turns.

Table Tennis Practices/Workshop

Review rule changes and regulations and receive instruction to improve your game.

Track & Field Workshop

Practice your running and throwing events and learn new track & field skills! Olympic Medalist Trish Porter and other experts will be coaching participants on running, javelin, discus, shot put, pole vault, and high jump.


Join the 50+ volleyball players for drop-in volleyball matches. We have locations for play in several gymnasiums all over Albuquerque.

Weight Lifting Competition

For anyone interested in weight training, this workshop teaches techniques and strategies to compete in bench press, arm curl, and dead lift. This PowerSports competition is sanctioned by NASA, which means if any New Mexico State lifting records are broken at this event, they will become new State records!