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Keep fit with classes for seniors.

Active Living Every Day Class

Do you want to get moving and feel better? The answer is Active Living Every Day (ALED). This course is based on scientific research adopted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and recognized by the American Public Health Association’s “Award of Excellence in Program Innovation.” ALED is not simply an exercise class. It is a behavior modification program that has been proven to work. The City’s Department of Senior Affairs 50+ Sports & Fitness program is partnering with OASIS, an older adult enrichment program that has been serving Albuquerque seniors for fifteen years. Come, take you first step towards a healthier you! Call (505) 880-2800 for more information.

Adapted Aquatics

This class is taught at the University of New Mexico’s therapy pool in therapeutic 92 degree water and helps increase joint mobility as well as develop muscular strength and endurance.


These fun, low impact aerobics classes combine energizing music with a well designed routine to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Body Fat vs. Muscle

The goal for optimal health is to reduce body fat while increasing muscle. A regular home scale will not give body fat and muscle weight, but ours will! Check in with the staff at any of the three fitness centers for a free, body composition test.

Cardio Interval

Weight and cardio training in timed intervals increases muscle strength and builds endurance as well as tones the body. The continual change in pace is a great workout for the heart.

Chair Massage

Alleviate those aches with chair massage, which increases circulation and relieves tightness.

Enhance Fitness

This is an evidence based exercise program that is designed to measure your progress. The class will meet three times per week and will include cardio, weight training and flexibility components. Enhance Fitness is safe for physically unfit order adults, including the “near frail” as well as the more active order adult. Space is limited.


Target and challenge core muscles with stabilizing and balance exercises. Increase strength, sculpt, define and tone your body. Free weights, body weight and stability balls are used for resistance.

Gentle Exercise

This is a fun exercise class performed primarily in a chair. The focus is on resistance training to build strength. Equipment such as small balls, bands and weights are used to make the exercises interesting and challenging.

Get Moving Aerobics

Join this month-long, group fitness, cardio-aerobics class which incorporates high and low impact options in an effective workout to burn more fat and calories, and meet your fitness goals.

Kettle Bells

A workout with Kettle Bells challenges both the muscular and cardiovascular system with full range of motion movements. Kettle Bells incorporate the core while working out major muscle groups. The rotational movements make a unique and effective workout.

Line Dance

Line dancing is great for people who love to dance but don’t have a partner. Each person learns the dance routine and dances in a line, much like a chorus line.


This practical class will focus on conditioning the body from the inside out. Learn the importance of core stabilization, muscle balance, and proper alignment while integrating the concept of mindfulness, fluidity and grace.

Wii Video Fitness Games

The Wii is a truly unique and physically interactive video game that requires players to use physical movement to create the action on the screen. By simulating the body movement used in various sports, you receive the benefits of bowling, yoga, golfing, tennis and more. In addition, we have the Wii Fit to customize your fitness workouts. Come play with us!
Beware—if you aren’t careful, you’ll get a good workout without knowing it!


These classes combine core management methods with mind/body/breath discipline to reduce physical and mental stress and lengthen muscles. Yoga will improve posture and core strength, as well as reduce lower back pain and increase muscle flexibility.


Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music and dance, creating a dynamic and exciting workout experience. We incorporate different rhythms such as Merengue, Salsa and Cumbia. You do not need to know how to dance to enjoy this class.

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