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Financial Data

Charts and graphs illustrating data about finances from the City of Albuquerque's Red Light Camera Program.
  • Table 30: Estimated Costs by Intersection

    Provides a preliminary analysis of the cost benefit by intersection. This table uses information reported in Table 28 to provide the count of crashes used to generate the cost benefit and the cost per crash. For this study we use the possible injury comprehensive cost ($26,000) and the property damage only comprehensive cost ($2,400) to report injury crash costs and property damage only crash costs. We use these costs to estimate the cost increase or cost reduction of the Red Light Camera system.

  • Table City 3: Paid Citations

    Shows the number of citations issued and the number of citations paid from Jul 2007 to June 2010

  • Table City 4: Revenue and Expenditures By Year

    This chart shows all revenue and expenditures for the entire length of the Red Light Camera Program

  • Table City 5: Pie Charts of Revenue and Expenditures

    These five pie charts illustrate the the revenue generated by the Red Light Camera Program and where that revenue went