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AFD State Grant - Self-contained Breathing Apparatus Units

Program Description:

The Albuquerque Fire Department is an all hazards-capable, fire department with a first response ALS medical capability. In addition to providing structural firefighting to a jurisdiction encompassing more than 182 square miles, the AFD is an integral part of the Statewide Response for Homeland Security, with HAZMAT and Heavy Technical Rescue teams available for deployment within a fifty-mile radius of Albuquerque.Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

AFD responds to fire and hazardous situation calls within the city limits and throughout the surrounding areas of Albuquerque on a daily basis. There are automatic aid agreements with the large county fire department that surrounds Albuquerque. There are mutual aid agreements with all the smaller departments in the region including four tribal areas.

Respiratory protection is as basic to performing a fire fighters job as anything else. Our firefighters’ confidence in their equipment is essential to their ability to perform their job effectively.  SCBA allows responding firefighters to enter into hazardous atmospheres quickly and safely, perform firefighting operations and rescues of entrapped victims quickly and efficiently.  The Albuquerque Fire Department used funding to upgrade and replace outmoded Self-contained Breathing Apparatus with newer units that are NFPA 2007 compliant.

The acquisition included 167 Scott A-4.5 NXG2 SCBA, equipped with a heads-up display.  They are compliant with 2007 NFPA 1981 and CBRN standards, integrated with distress signaling units, and are lighter and more durable.  Purchase cost per unit, including SCBA harness, cylinder, and integrated PASS device (distress signal) was $4,884.00 each.

Funding Category:

STOP job counter

Public Safety

Program Funding Allocated:


Total Spent:

$695,686 (as of 06/30/12)