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I-40 Trail Crossing at the Rio Grande

Project Description

I40-Trail-CrossingThe scope of the project is to construct a bikeway/trail bridge in the I-40 corridor over the Rio Grande and re-pave the Paseo del Bosque trail from the bridge to Alameda Road. The I-40 trail crossing will increase the accessibility and mobility options available to people, while protecting the environment, promoting energy conservation and encouraging activities that can contribute to good health.

The construction of a crossing at the Rio Grande would provide a relevant missing link to the existing trail system. Albuquerque continues to improve its bicycling infrastructure which currently includes over 650 miles of bike lanes, signed bike routes and multi-use trails. The implementation of this project adjacent to the Interstate 40 corridor will connect 98th street on the west to Tramway Boulevard on the east and also provide connectivity to the north/south 14 mile Paseo del Bosque Trail.

Funding Category



Program Name

Surface Transportation Program

Project Funding Allocated


Total Spent

$5,046,856 (as of 6/30/12)