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Goal 2 - Public Safety

Goal 2: Citizens are safe, feel safe and secure, and have trust and shared responsibility for maintaining a safe environment.


Why is this goal important?

When a person thinks of public safety, the Police and Fire departments immediately come to mind. We expect crime rates to be decreasing and fatalities to be low. But the responsibility for a safe Albuquerque is also the responsibility of its citizens. Every day, citizens make decisions with safety in mind. It might be asking a car salesperson about safety ratings before buying a car, or buying our child a cell phone in order to know where they are at all times, or deciding what route to drive on the way home. Safety even includes providing safe homes for our pets.

DESIRED CONDITION Local Trend National/ Regional Comparison Citizen Perception Compared to Data CONCLUSION:
11 - The public is safe. Mixed Mixed Matches Continue to Improve
12 - The public feels safe. Mixed Not Available Not Applicable Continue to Improve
13 - Safe travel on streets - Travel on city streets is safe. Positive Worse Matches Continue to Improve
15 - Work together for safety - Residents, businesses and public safety agencies work together for a safe community. Mixed Mixed Matches Continue to Improve
16 - Safe homes for pets - Domestic animals are responsibly cared for and provided safe and healthy home environments. Positive Similar Matches Celebrate
17 - Emergency Preparedness - The community is prepared to respond to emergencies, natural disasters, catastrophic acts and other events that threaten the health and safety of the public. Negative Worse Matches Improve
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