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Albuquerque Progress Report

Welcome to the Albuquerque Progress Report.

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This website embodies the full 2012 report of the Albuquerque Progress Report. Pursuant to ordinance, the Report is updated every two years with the next update to occur in 2014.

The full report is presented on the following pages of this website, sorted by the eight City goals seen on the left hand navigation menu.

A snapshot report was also produced to summarize the information on this website.

View the Snapshot Report.

Report Production

The Indicators Progress Commission (IPC) is pleased to present this report, our fourth Albuquerque Progress Report (APR) to our community.

The purpose of this report is to communicate to leaders and residents the progress our community is making toward realizing the City of Albuquerque's Goals.

To better understand the information contained in this report, please see the Introduction and Use of the Report


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Past Reports

Past Albuquerque Progress Report are available:

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