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Open Space

For mid-size cities, Albuquerque leads the nation in acres of parkland as a percentage of City land area.


Albuquerque is a leader among our peer cities in zoological/bio park attendance.

Air Monitoring

Albuquerque ozone level has steadily increased since 2006 (Picture: Air monitoring station).


Since the Albuquerque water rebate program began (like xeriscaping) in 1995, an average of 1.45 billion annual gallons has been saved.


Albuquerque is the only city, among 7 peer cities, that has seen an increase in small business employment in the last 5 years.

Job growth-ACC

In 2011, the annual job growth percent for Albuquerque hit a positive number for the first time since 2007.

OldTown-per capita

Albuquerque's annual growth of per capita income over last 4 years is higher than the national average.


For fiscal year 2010, 80% of the total attendance at Albuquerque's arts and culture events was by residents.


Sporting and special events are strongly supported in Albuquerque.