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Goal 1 - Human and Family Development

Goal 1: People of all ages have the opportunity to participate in the community and economy and are well sheltered, safe, healthy, and educated.


Why is this goal important?

As an Albuquerque resident, there are probably conditions in your life that you feel are ideal for yourself and your family members, such as a good education, being healthy, having a good living environment, and overall being prepared to be an active member of your community. Each day you make decisions toward achieving these conditions. And yet, you’re not alone. Your communities, schools, the local city government, as well as state and federal agencies, all support you in your mission to achieve these desired conditions for you and your family.


DESIRED CONDITION Local Trend National/ Regional Comparison Citizen Perception Compared to Data CONCLUSION:
1 - Educated, literate residents - Residents are literate and educated. Positive Mixed Matches Continue to Improve
2 - Educated youth - Youth achieve desired educational outcomes. Negative Worse Matches Needs more focus
3 - Responsible youth - Youth achieve responsible social development. Stable Mixed Matches Needs more focus
4 - Active, healthy residents - Residents are active and healthy. Stable Better Matches Continue to Improve
5 - Access to health care - Residents have access to physical and mental health care. Stable Positive Matches Picture in focus
6 - Secure and stable families - Families are secure and stable. Negative Mixed Matches Needs more focus
7 - Safe, affordable housing - Safe, decent and affordable housing is available. Stable Similar Differs Continue to Improve
8 - Seniors age in place - Senior citizens live and function in optimal environments. Positive Better Matches Picture in focus
9 - Good public health - Residents are safe from public health risks. Stable Worse Differs Needs more focus
10 - Basic needs provided for - Residents have a balance of means, opportunity, and avenues of support needed to provide for their basic needs. Mixed Better Matches Continue to Improve
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