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Goal 4 - Sustainable Community Development

Goal 4: Guide growth to protect the environment and the community economic vitality and create a variety of livable, sustainable communities throughout Albuquerque.


Why is this goal important?

Citizens expect our environments—where we work, where we live, where we play—to be protected against changes that adversely affect them. In the past, communities or cities were planned with the idea that energy was limitless, and inexpensive land would always be available.  Yet now we realize the limitations we face. Therefore, as our communities continue to evolve and expand, our development plans must ensure that our quality of life can continue. This goal emphasizes how easily citizens can access jobs, good housing, and recreational areas, in order to support the health and well-being of current and future generations.

DESIRED CONDITION Local Trend Regional/ National Comparison Citizen Perception Compared to Data CONCLUSION:
28 - Accessible parks - Parks, open space, recreation facilities and public trails are available, accessible and strategically located, designed and maintained. Positive Better Matches Celebrate
29 - Sustainable built environment - Albuquerque’s built environments are safe, habitable, well maintained and sustainable. Mixed Better Matches Continue to Improve
30 - Balanced environments - A balance of densities, land uses, and pedestrian friendly environments is available throughout Albuquerque. Stable Similar Matches Continue to Improve
31 - Active, safe downtown - The downtown area is vital, active, safe and accessible. Positive Not Available Differs Continue to Improve
32 - Mixed use areas exist - Safe and accessible mixed-use areas with housing, employment, civic functions, recreation and entertainment exist throughout Albuquerque. Positive Better Differs Continue to Improve
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