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23.1 Street Condition Ratings

This indicator uses the Surface Defect Index to evaluate the condition of Albuquerque highways, streets, and roads.

This indicator is part of Viable street system.

Indicator description:

This indicator uses the Surface Defect Index (SDI) to evaluate the condition of Albuquerque highways, streets, and roads, including major and minor arterial highways, collector streets and residential roads. Defects refer to any opening, hole, depression, washout, or breakup on the road surface that result from natural causes (i.e., ordinary wear and tear, erosion and attrition due to weather, etc.). In 2007 and 2012 consultants, employed by the City, used the SDI to assess the condition of City roadways. This inventory categorized the roadways as excellent – good riding surface with no noticeable wear or obvious defects; good –good ride quality with minor wear or defects; fair – acceptable ride quality that is beginning to deteriorate; poor – moderating rough ride with pavement failures; and, very poor – very rough riding surface with large areas in bad condition. No comparative data exist for the other index communities.

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Why is this indicator relevant?

The City maintains over 4,579 miles of roadway, up from 4,470 in fiscal year 2008. The condition of these roads affects the safety of travel on them, the efficiency of commerce that occurs over them, and the condition of vehicles traveling on them. They also represent a very valuable public asset and a long term investment by many generations of Albuquerque residents. It is the responsibility of the community, the City, and the other governmental owners of these roads to maintain and optimize these public assets.

Data Source:
City of Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development.

What can we tell from the data?

  • The condition of Albuquerque roadways has improved dramatically since 2007. Over 85% of roadway miles are now in fair to very good condition, up from approximately 70% in 2007. This is due primarily to the use of a quarter cent transportation gross receipts tax initiated by Albuquerque voters on January 1, 2000 and expiring in 2010.
  • Less than 16% of the roadways are categorized as poor or very poor, compared to over 30% in 2007.


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