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21.1 Number of wifi hot spots per 1,000 persons

This indicator shows the number of wifi hot spots per 1,000 persons.

This indicator is part of Effective internet access.

Indicator description:

This indicator reports by peer city the number of wireless local area networks or wife hot spots accessible to the public.

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Why is this indicator relevant?

With the ever increasing increase in laptops, smart phones, and tablets, the demand for internet access in a simple and cost effective manner will provide broad access to users of any socio-economic class. According to the Benton Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trust, and the Federal Communications Commission, the transformation occurring from increased access to internet promises to make life more livable, businesses more productive, and jobs more plentiful. It is changing the way families learn and communicate. It is changing the way we shop. It is providing access to medical and educational services in areas without those benefits. It is increasing the opportunities for many Americans to participate in our society in creative and meaningful ways.

Data Sources:

www.openwifispots.com; Pew Charitable Trust, Pew Internet American Life Project, 2008

What can we tell from the data?

  • Albuquerque has more Wifi hotspots than the national average. We rank fourth out of seven peer communities.


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