19 - Quality wastewater systems

Goal 3 - Desired Condition 19 - Wastewater systems meet quality standards.


Traffic Light Scorecard

"Wastewater systems meet quality standards"

Our Conclusion:


Based on the Following criteria:

Local Trend is STABLE
Albuquerque, compared to others, is SIMILAR
Citizen perception compared to data DIFFERS

Local Trend LOCAL TREND:

While the rate of sewer overflows per 100 miles has increased modestly since 2004, it is still quite low. This indicates that maintenance of the wastewater collection system is producing the desired result. The effectiveness rate of the treatment plant (the percentage of time in which the plant is operating pursuant to terms of the EPA discharge permit) is improving, having stabilized at 97.5% for FY 2006 and 2007, after a particularly low year in 2005 (due to strict requirements by EPA).


The sewer overflow rate compares very well with other similar utilities, ranking in the top quartile among other large utilities serving populations over 500,000. The treatment process ranking is lower compared to other communities. The ultimate purpose of treating wastewater is to ensure the health of downstream residents and protect their uses of the Rio Grande, just as the Albuquerque area is protected in similar ways from poor quality effluent upstream.

Citizen Perception CITIZEN PERCEPTION:

Albuquerque residents rank this condition very highly, both in terms of importance (2nd highest among all desired community conditions) and progress (3rd highest among all Desired Community Conditions). While progress is being made in achieving this desired condition, the progress may not be at the level at which citizens perceive it. Areas in the city closest to the treatment plant rank progress slightly lower than other areas.


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